Product Authenticity

Counterfeit Trilla Glass tubes and products are replicas or imitations of authentic Trilla Glass products that are aimed at misleading consumers into believing that they are authentic products. Counterfeit products are of poor quality, but are sometimes offered for sale at high prices in order to mislead online shoppers. Such products lack the quality, the details and the workmanship of our prolific designers, Jörg Schröder and Dominik Pfeiffer which characterize authentic Trilla Glass products.


  • Counterfeiting is the passing off of imitation products as authentic brand-name goods.
  • Counterfeit Trilla Glass products are typically of poorer quality and lack the details that make each Trilla Glass tube high quality.
  • Counterfeiting has been linked to organized crime, child labor, and terrorism. It is estimated that counterfeiting costs the United States economy $450 to $900 billion dollars a year.



  • Trilla Glass Corp vigorously pursues counterfeiters and the shops, websites, vendors, trade shows and flea markets that sell counterfeit Trilla Glass products and merchandise.
  • We work with local, state, and federal law enforcement as well as U.S and foreign customs officials to try to stop the sale of counterfeit goods at every point in the supply chain.
  • Trilla Glass DOES NOT authenticate merchandise nor determines whether serial numbers match actual Trilla Glass products. If you purchase an item from an authorized Trilla Glass retailer, you are GUARANTEED the item is authentic.


  • Trilla Glass does not offer its products for sale through individuals, street vendors, internet auctions, unauthorized online sites, trade shows, independent boutiques, flea markets, or house parties.
  • The ONLYauthorized stores that Trilla Glass offers its merchandise for sale are the following:

º Trilla Glass Stores

º Authorized Retail Stores (see store locator of

  • Remember: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


  • The only website owned and operated by Trilla Glass Corporation to sell Trilla Glass products online is


  • WARNING: Counterfeit websites often times use the word TRILLA/or TRILL in the URL and have content and a layout similar to


  • To report counterfeits, please email the Counterfeit Department at with the information requested below. This can be done anonymously.
  • The following information is useful to Trilla Glass Corp. to take legal action against a counterfeiter:
    • Location, Name, Address and Telephone Number and if possible a business card
    • Type of location (retail store, flea market, internet, etc.)
    • Products and merchandise being sold
    • Items that say Trilla Glass or use any of our Trademarks